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The Importance of Reablement

I often get asked what is reablement and why is it important? A 2015 survey conducted in the United Kingdom found that older people feared losing their independence more than death.  “I don’t fear death, getting old comes slowly, what I fear is becoming dependent on others and losing control. I fear losing control, my […]

Life as a family of four on the autism spectrum

This month for AT Chat we invited the Bolger family from the AAA project to write about their experiences with AT and autism. It’s a sensory world Life as a family of four on the autism spectrum One of the greatest challenges of being a neurodiverse family, living in a neurotypical world, is the differences […]

Assistive Technology on the world stage – By Gerri Clay, ILC CEO

Reading the vision of the World Health Organisations (WHO) Global Cooperation on Assistive Technology (GATE) initiative is inspirational.  “A world where every girl, boy, woman and man in need has access to high quality affordable assistive products to lead a healthy, productive and dignified life”. The WHO is leading the flagship GATE program in partnership […]

Bob’s Way

In our latest blog Bob and Val share their journey of love, living with dementia, faithful four footed friends and hopes for the future. “We sincerely hope each of you takes something important away with you from this article; we also hope we will give you some idea of it is like for us to […]

‘Choice and Control’ from a parents perspective

I was invited to provide some insight into what “Choice and Control” means for myself, my family and especially our four year old daughter. Our daughter was born a seemingly healthy little girl. At around 6 months of age, alarms bells starting ringing when she was still not bearing weight through her legs, not making […]

How can we provide better linkage between services?

Imagine moving to another country, another culture, you have been victim to extreme domestic violence, you don’t speak or understand a word of the language spoken by the people where you now live, you don’t drive and you have four children to care for. Where do you go and who do you turn to? I […]