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How can we provide better linkage between services?

Imagine moving to another country, another culture, you have been victim to extreme domestic violence, you don’t speak or understand a word of the language spoken by the people where you now live, you don’t drive and you have four children to care for. Where do you go and who do you turn to? I […]

Courageous Conversations about Race

A facilitated workshop presented by Aged & Community Services WA & Independent Living Centre – Multicultural Aged Care Service (ILC MACS) Build on your cultural communication skills with residents and staff. To deepen your understanding of cultural diversity, cultural complexities, sensitivities and racism, in order to:  enhance engagement better support people from culturally and linguistically […]

How culturally appropriate are we in care?

The ILC Multicultural Aged Care Services (ILC MACS) recently hosted “Unpacking the Culturally and Linguistically Diverse National Ageing and Aged Care Strategy”.  Developed by the Department of Health and Aging (now Department of Social Services) and released December 2012; this strategy  was developed to assist in the Living Longer Living Better (now Healthy Life Better […]