Introducing our new websites

Our evolution to Indigo continues, including the delivery of some of our services in partnership with our sponsored organisation Independent Living Assessment (ILA).

19 February 2020 marked a significant milestone for Indigo as we launched our new websites.

We are excited to reveal our new Indigo site at

Independent Living Assessment’s new site is located at   

Both websites have a completely new look and are much simpler to use and navigate.

The new structure of the sites was specifically designed for us and reflects best practice in website usability and design.

Users who tested the site fed back that they like the layout, design, accessibility and cleanness of the sites.

They also provided valuable feedback for improving the sites and our team is committed to working on these improvements over the coming months.

Please note that will be redirected to our new websites in early March and will no longer be available from this time.

As always, we welcome and encourage feedback about our websites. Please feel free to provide feedback about Indigo’s site here.

For ILA’s site, please direct feedback here.

To learn more about our new name and structure, please check out our news item ‘ILC announces new name and structure’.

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