ILC to Change Names in 2020

I feel a change coming…

We are very excited to let our customers know in advance that the Independent Living Centre WA will undergo a name change in January 2020. Our services and our commitment to providing the best services in allied health and assistive technologies will continue as normal and for the time being our website and phone number will remain the same.

Once the new name has been announced, there will be a changeover period for the first month while people are redirected to our new website and email addresses. People can still contact us on 1300 885 886 and email us as normal during the changeover period.

We are proud of our 41-year history as the Independent Living Centre WA and the solid reputation we have built among those who know us and have used our services.

While we are unable to share our new name with you just yet, what we can tell you is that our new name will better reflect the fact that we are no longer just a ‘centre’ as we now provide services within the community; and we are no longer confined just to ‘WA’, since we provide national services, such as the National Equipment Database.

In addition, our new name was created in collaboration with our staff and customers and is more modern and more in keeping with our commitment to place the customer at the centre of everything we do. It also represents characteristics which align closely with how our people work.

Our new approach combines our proud past with our aspirations for the future and we will be carrying forward many elements of the ILC brand, as we feel this is important.

We are currently working to establish a sister organisation, which will be focussed on assessment, navigation and sector capacity building initiatives.

More information about this will be revealed in January 2020. What’s important to note is that all our current services will continue under our new name, and our focus will be on providing services that directly enable people to live more independent lives, such as the provision of allied health or assistive technology solutions.

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