Good news for AT Chat

Image of three people with disability holding cards that describe what AT menas for them. They are laughing and smiling at the camera. Cards say, AT equals freedom, AT equals inclusion and communication, AT equals independence and freedom and knowledge in accessibility.AT Chat is excited to announce that we have been awarded an Information Linkages and Capacity Building (ILC) National Information Program Grant (2020-2022).

So what does this mean for AT Chat?

AT Chat has been busy expanding, transforming what we offer,  from an informal space for AT Users to support one another, to a formal Assistive Technology Peer Mentoring Program for AT users seeking additional support. This is all still happening. However now we have funding to produce even more peer-led and co-designed content about assistive technology for people with disability.

This funding means we can continue to produce our current AT + Me and Tech Tuesday video series, whilst expanding the peer-led information resources available to AT users across Australia.  AT Chat will produce peer-led information products, delivered across various media channels in partnership with disability peaks across Australia using our established co-design methodologies.

Additionally, this funding enables AT Chat to improve the functionality of the first iteration of the AT Chat website, transforming it from a simple website into a personalised portal, that enable users to store their AT information and records, and store resources of interest to them.

Finally, the Information Grant enables us to pilot the AT Navigator, which will be a national peer-led helpline to support AT users interacting with the AT Chat website, portal and eventually AT Peer Mentoring Service.

The expansion of peer-led AT information resources, the transition from website to portal, and the pilot of the national helpline will enable AT Chat to more accurately measure end-user outcomes relating to their AT decisions. 

If you are interested in learning more about AT Chat, or represent a disability peak body interested in collaborating with AT Chat, please contact Kristy Harper at

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