ILC’s Year in Review

Supporting thousands of people to be independent, well and safe.

The end of financial year brings with it many reporting tasks, which at the ILC we love as it provides an opportunity for reflection and validation of why we do the work we do.

Check out these statistics from 2018-2019 for a snapshot of the number of people we are proud to support in a range of ways, all in line with the theme of independence, safety and wellbeing.

In 2018-19:

  • We provided information and advice about assistive technology options for independence, safety and wellness to 17,021 people. 
  • Our country team continued to deliver assistive technology services across the entire state, visiting 41 towns during 14 trips which reached 1,678 people.
  • ILC remained the lead agency for the National Equipment Database, which had more than 5.7 million total page views.
  • AT Chat continued to engage with AT users on Facebook offering followers engaging stories featuring the use of assistive technology. AT Chat followers increased from 2,800 to just over 4,100 and their Chatterbox users increased to 547.
  • The Community Allied Health Services team worked with 274 individuals who have access to a range of funding options including National Disability Insurance Scheme funding.
  • We continued to provide occupational therapy and speech pathology services to schools. Our therapists worked with 10 schools, supporting them to use assistive technology and communication aids in their classrooms.
  • Through our clinical advisor support service to the National Disability Insurance Agency 589 referrals to review assistive technology applications for value for money and safety were received. 
  • The Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) Allied Health Service received 597 referrals, 354 for occupational therapy and 243 for physiotherapy support. 
  • A total of 272 grants were provided to assist Western Australians with a disability to obtain equipment through the Disability Equipment Grant program. 
  • More than 940 people completed Occupational Therapist Driving Assessments. 
  • More than $900,000 in Equipment for Living grants was approved during the year, assisting 389 people with disabilities with the purchase of assistive technology. 
  • Through our Goods, Equipment and Assistive Technology (GEAT) service, 1,235 items of equipment were provided to support individuals in their homes. This is funded through the CHSP. 
  • 141 home modifications were provided to aged care customers in select regions of WA through the CHSP since the commencement of this service in January 2019. 
  • The ILC supported 999 people to undertake driving assessments for fitness to drive and/or modified driving controls. 
  • We received more than 14,400 contacts from carers, family members and service providers seeking information and assistance with access to respite care.
  • A total of 1,414 individual carers were assisted with access to respite.
  • The ILC Regional Assessment Service team conducted over 2,450 assessments throughout the Perth north metropolitan region for people aged over 65.
  • Under the Home and Community Care program for under 65s, 144 assessments were completed.
  • ILC Training and Events delivered a diverse program of assistive technology related training and events to the sector. We offered 18 training and workshop sessions to 484 people who attended throughout the year. 
  • We reached more than 800 University and TAFE students through our Service Orientation Sessions, which provide an overview of the services available at the ILC and offer training about assistive technology. 
  • ILC exhibited at nine different expos, shows and conferences. 
  • There were more than 123,200 visits and 321,600 page views to the ILC website.

We are proud of the work we do. 

To find out more about how we support people to be independent, well, safe and achieve the goals they aspire to: email:
or phone us on 1800 885 886.

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