Kayl Shares his Favourite AT and Life Hack

Kayl Jeffery in his workshopKayl Jeffery spoke with us about how the Independent Living Centre WA (ILC) assisted him with his assistive technology requirements through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). ILC Occupational Therapist, Cheryl Loo visited Kayl in 2018 to assess his goals, and review his current equipment: 

“Kayl’s goals were to remain safe and comfortable in his wheelchair and to maintain his independence. 

“Ideally, he needed to replace his unreliable wheelchair cushion to manage his pressure needs and to explore a more suitable sports wheelchair to ensure he can lift it into and out of the car safely and continue to play basketball.” 

Kayl said he had checked out a few other providers before coming to the ILC: 

“A friend said they had a good experience working with the ILC, so that’s what prompted me to make contact.

“ILC assisted me to order a new chair and worked with me to help me get a better cushion, which was more durable and less of a hassle to get repaired. It makes a big difference with my pressure needs and in terms of comfort I can more easily do my woodworking, which I do a lot in my free time.”

Kayl is very active and likes to play basketball a few times a week. He has played for the Be Active Perth Wheelcats for around 10 years. Kayl’s old chair was very heavy to lift in and out of the car at more than 18 kilos and it was not specifically built for him. Newer chairs are much lighter and Kayl has a specific requirement for a lighter chair to accommodate his sports. The National Disability Insurance Agency approved him for an aluminium frame purpose-built chair which is due to be delivered soon.

“I really wanted a new basketball chair as I have used second hand ones but this new one will be specifically designed for sports. It’s going to be made of aluminum and it will be sized for me, something I have not yet had.

“My current chair is about 17 kilos and it’s over 10 years old; newer chairs are a third to half of the weight of older chairs. My new basketball chair should be delivered soon. It takes about three months to build.”

We love learning about assistive technology and how people use different items to make life easier, but Kayl’s favourite life hack is his sense of humour: “Having the ability to laugh at stuff and keep a sense of humour helps me to get through; I have quite a dark sense of humour at times however it lets me laugh at the bad stuff too.”

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  1. Frances VS says:

    Thanks Kayl, what a great read, getting good advice from friends is so good! Congrats on your new chair and all the best with basketball 🙂

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