ILC WA Hosts Danish Ambassador for Showcase of Danish Healthcare Innovations

ILC CEO Steve Glew, with His Excellency, Tom Norring, the Danish Ambassador to Australia 23 July 2019

Danish Ambassador to Australia, His Excellency, Mr. Tom Nørring, attended the Independent Living Centre WA (ILC WA) in Nedlands on Tuesday 23 July, to introduce a showcase focusing on creating accessibility and mobility in the home and community. 

Denmark is a leader in healthcare and reablement and the Danish healthcare system is structured around keeping people at home and active in the community for as long as possible, which has inspired the invention of a variety of innovative assistive technology solutions.

Mr. Nørring said “not unlike Australia, Denmark has in recent years been grappling with increasing pressures, including costs, on the healthcare system due to an aging population and an increase in chronic diseases. The Danish Government has therefore partnered with the healthcare industry to develop solutions that can keep people at home and in their communities for longer. This is beneficial, not just in terms of cost management, but also for the citizen”.

“The Danish healthcare system is focussed on the principle of universal access, high quality care and short waiting times. These [assistive technologies] give people the choice to remain in their homes and to be active participants in their communities for longer”.

“Today we are lucky enough to be able to demonstrate some of these solutions for you, including a chair, which can lift people up off the floor, platform lifts, to transform stairs into a lift, automatic patient turning systems for the safer movement of bedridden people and height adjustable bathroom and kitchen products and various ramp solutions.”

ILC WA’s CEO, Steve Glew, said the organisation is committed to remaining a leading centre of excellence for information, advice and expertise about assistive technology that supports people to live independent and fulfilling lives: “We are committed to maintaining this position for the next 40 years and beyond.

“As such, our passionate team, including occupational therapists, physiotherapists, speech pathologists and customer service officers are continually upskilling and learning about new assistive technology solutions available on the market.

“Globally we endeavour to apply learnings wherever we have the opportunity and we are members of the international research body the ReAble Network, which originated under Professor Tine Rostgaard at the of the Danish Centre for Social Science Research (VIVE), which recently met in Copenhagen in June 2019, to share preliminary findings on reablement.

“Any innovations, research or assistive technology that can bring more sustainability to the aged care sector on the global scale is a social investment in an ageing populous.

“We are thrilled to host this information sharing opportunity on innovative home and community care solutions together with the Danish Embassy.”  


Listen Now 

His Excellency, Mr.Tom Nørring speaking with Gareth Parker on 6PR Mornings about the Danish healthcare system and the innovative assistive technology showcased at the Independent Living Centre WA on Tuesday 23 July 2019:

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