AT Chat’s ‘Tech Tuesday’ goes LIVE!

Lauren and Nicole seated side by side with a comment box underneath where AT Chat are asking if FB page users have any questions13 March saw AT Chat stream ‘Tech Tuesday’ live for the first time on their Facebook page.

On ‘Tech Tuesday’ ILC occupational therapists turn into movie stars and provide education and tips on all sorts of assistive technology (AT) including mobility scooters, switch operated eating aids, Google Home, sock aids and wheelchairs.

For the first live stream, ILC occupational therapists Nicole and Lauren answered viewers’ questions on home automation.

If you didn’t get to tune in, you can catch up here.

The AT Chat Facebook page is full of fantastic content about AT presented in a fun and engaging way.

If you haven’t checked out AT Chat yet, get on board with the 2,000 people who have and connect today.

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