New Project: Eye Gaze Technology in Schools

Student seated in front of a computer monitor using Eye GazeThe Independent Living Centre of WA is excited to introduce a pilot project during Semester 1 of 2018 to support schools to learn about and trial eye gaze technology.

This project will offer clinics onsite at schools to trial eye gaze technology with students who may benefit from its use. Support and training will also be available for schools who already have eye gaze systems, and those who hire the Unlocking Abilities Eye Gaze Kit through ILC within the time of the project.  The project will run over semester 1, 2018. This project is funded through a grant from the Non-Government Centre Support for Non-School Organisations (NGCS) so there will be no fees charged to schools for the eye gaze clinics or support days during the project.

This technology allows students to use the movements of their eyes to control a computer or communication device. This can break down the barriers to accessing communication and learning materials for some students with complex physical needs who find it difficult to point or manipulate learning materials.

Within the classroom, this technology has the potential to increase students’ participation in classroom activities, with examples such as turning the pages and engaging with books, completing a painting with their eyes, engaging in play and recreation such as music or games as well as giving access to vocabulary for communication. The long-term potential of this technology could include students progressing to using eye gaze for full computer access including browsing the internet, using word processing, or controlling their environment (i.e. automated blinds and lighting, TV remotes etc.).

This technology can also assist teachers to assess a student’s knowledge and understanding when other methods such as writing, pointing or speaking an answer are difficult.

The ILC team are keen to find out more about people’s existing knowledge of eye gaze technology. For a chance to win a $100 Coles Group and Myer voucher please follow the link to complete our quick survey.

For more information about the project and how to apply, please refer to the documents below or contact Jen Blaxill or Tanith Brien at , or call 9381 0600.

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  1. Lynda Fisher says:

    I would be happy to discuss possible applications of this device with chronic dyslexics and ASD low functioning students.

    • Gail Stacey says:

      Hi Lynda, thank you for your comment and one of our speech pathologists will make contact with you regarding the use of this product for these students.

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