New videos show different uses for emerging technology

Head and shoulders of Darren with the words underneath, Technology is important to meAs part of the MyTech Project, linking people with emerging technologies, the ILC together with a couple of participants have created three short videos which demonstrate different uses for emerging technology.

Many people don’t know what emerging technologies are, what they do or how they work.

ILC Occupational Therapist Lauren Farrell said, “the aim of these three videos is to show different areas you may use emerging technology as assistive technology (AT) as well as some of the different access methods available.

With the added resource of these videos we hope that people start thinking about what AT may be available to them and gain an understanding of how emerging technologies may fit into their lives and enhance it.”

The videos cover the topics of home automation, security and voice activation. Check them out here:

  • Home Automation in Focus (57 seconds): In this video Darren demonstrates how he can control his environment, including their heater, fans, air conditioner and lighting through home automation.
  • Security in Focus (1 minute 6 sec): Darren demonstrates how a user interface set up on his computer allows him to control everything in his immediate environment. He can see who is at his front door, control access to his home and view external areas of his home on screen, all of which enables him to feel safer.
  • Voice Activation in Focus (1 minute 58 sec): Jason demonstrates how voice activation technology enables him to stay connected, including being able to communicate with others, use his computer independently and control his television. Through the use of his mobile phone, a Bluetooth headset, a voice activation program called Dragon Naturally Speaking and an infrared smart hub, Jason’s life is improved immensely.

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