Presents for the tech lovers in your family

Stuck on Christmas ideas and can’t handle buying another candle? With the number of gadgets available these days, it can be confusing to decide which to buy. Our tech savvy team here at the ILC WA have put our heads together and made a shopping list just for you. Whether you’ve got a family member or friend who’s a gamer, book lover, artist, parent or whizz in the kitchen – or all of the above! – we’ve got something for them.

For the gameriCade Core Arcade Game control

Wanting the experience of a video game on your iPad, iPhone or Android device? Look no further than the iCade Core Arcade Game control.

UBTechAlways wanted the power to move objects with your mind…or ‘iPad’? Check out the UBTECH range, which can be controlled by your fingertips.


For the creator

Digi Frame Net Chef Digital CookbookIf you love cooking but hate reading the lengthy recipes with cooking words you have never heard before like ‘flambee’ and ‘mouseline’ the Digi Frame Net Chef Digital Cookbook is for you! Use the touchscreen to guide you through the user friendly menu and choose a recipe from a selection of meats, appetizers, side dishes, vegetables and desserts.

Or do you prefer to create visual masterpieces? If so, check out the wide range of styluses on our data base!

For the book lover

PadPODPrefer to sit back and read a good book? Why not do so in comfort with the PadPOd? Reading in bed never looked or felt so good.


For the responsible parentGPS watch

If you want to ensure your little ones are both on time and safe, then a GPS watch is the gadget of choice. To find out more you can check out the range of GPS watches on our database.

To see what other gadgets are out there have a browse through NED our National Equipment Database, where you can search for and find information about over 10,000 assistive technology and equipment products. If you’d like advice about any of these items or other ideas to fill Christmas stockings, you can get in touch with the ILC team on 9381 0608 or

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