Determination, with the help of assistive equipment, enables Catena’s independence

Head and shoulder image of CatenaFollowing a car accident 24 years ago, Catena was told by doctors that she would be unable to return to work and would most likely require a wheelchair for her mobility. Catena was determined to prove the doctors wrong and worked hard to return to the workforce. Since then she has started not-for-profit organisation Connecting Communities, has been on the Board of another organisation and continues to volunteer and do advocacy work with people with disabilities.

In addition to her work, Catena enjoys knitting, crocheting, craft, “permagano” card making and catching up with friends and members of her church.

Central to Catena’s goals in life is being able to maintain her independence.

“Being able to continue to live independently and access the community is important to me. I want to drive a car on my own, do things like dress and shower independently and be able to do my work tasks and craft activities with minimal pain in my body.

“Having the ability to do these things greatly improves my quality of life,” said Catena.

Catena has accessed WA NDIS funding with the hope that with some support she will be able to live the life she wants to.

Part of the support Catena has accessed is occupational therapy, including the prescription of assistive equipment and home modifications, through the Independent Living Centre WA (ILC).

“I worked with two therapists, Rachel and Narelle, who have both provided their expertise and support with getting the most suitable assistive equipment for me,” said Catena.

Following a number of assessments and trial of different types of equipment, Narelle and Rachel prescribed a range of items for Catena.

“We have been able to arrange installation of a hand-held shower hose and the purchase of some personal care aids, including a K-Care Scrub Mate and Ansa Folding Shower Chair, to enable Catena to shower independently, which is important to her.

“In addition, vehicle transfer aids, including a Handybar and Basics Swivel Cushion, improve Catena’s safety when transferring in and out of her vehicle and when driving.

“Another great item Catena has been able to obtain is the Ergo Link Angle Board Adjustable, which assists Catena with household tasks, craft activities and employment related activities, by minimising the neck pain she experiences when completing these tasks,” said Narelle.

“It’s been great to see the impact these items have had on Catena’s life.”

If you have a goal, maybe you could achieve it with the help of assistive equipment or technology. The ILC’s experienced health professionals are passionate about helping you to find the best solutions.

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