OT assessment leads to Lynette’s new lease of life

ILC OT Genna is seated beside Lynetter at her houseWith an abundance of assistive equipment items on the market it’s fairly simple to walk into a shop and buy a product you think would assist you in some way. But how do you know you are getting the best piece of equipment for you? What if the piece of equipment you choose in fact results in other issues for you?

Just as every individual is different, every piece of assistive equipment is different, and there really is no ‘one size fits all’ option. This is why receiving advice from a qualified health professional such as an occupational therapist is so important. Furthermore there may be other strategies that an occupational therapist can recommend to assist you to overcome barriers you may be facing.

Lynette, a very socially active individual who loves to get and about, was using a mobility scooter that was no longer functioning safely. Lynette experiences ongoing pain in her legs and feet and was using two walking sticks at all times to ensure she could remain mobile.

On being referred to the Independent Living Centre WA (ILC), Occupational Therapist Genna worked with Lynette to achieve her goal of staying safe, mobile and being able to enjoy the things in life she loves.

Through the HACC Allied Health Service Genna provided an assessment in Lynette’s home, including determining which scooter would work best for Lynette’s needs and lifestyle, to ensure she could remain safe and independent in her own home and within the community.

“Lynette has dedicated her life to playing a strong role in disability advocacy and is a member and founder of several community groups. She is also a very social person,” said Genna.

ILC OT Genna walks beside Lynette while she rides and trials the mobility scooter“Being able to get out and about, in a safe and independent manner, is an extremely important part of Lynette’s life. The main focus of my assessment when I met with Lynette was to ensure she was able to do this, and having an appropriate and reliable scooter was an important component. We looked at the features and benefits of the scooter models and decided on one that was most suitable to Lynette’s needs.”

Lynette coined her new scooter “Beautiful Blue Bertha”. With it Lynette can remain independent without relying on family and friends for support.

“You can imagine my feelings now of being so confident and independent to have this new lease of life,” said Lynette.

“My new scooter has allowed me to attend weekly choir and also weekly writing group. I’ve been out and about more, even to the movies.

I have less back pain due to the suspension of my new scooter and I’m confident I’ll be able to cross the causeway and along the river to the city and make my way to the art gallery and Perth main library like I used to years ago,” said Lynette.

Through ILC’s Community Allied Health Services, our occupational therapists and physiotherapists can work with you in your home, school, workplace or community to help you to achieve your goals. Find out more about our Community Allied Health Services here.

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  1. George Kennedy says:

    I have the ilc brochoure ( HACC). Looking through it and selecting about half a dozen items—– 3 from Fishpond——2 From Bunnings and one from daily.com.
    I would have to postage on three deliveries, would there be a better solution and less expensive.
    Look forward to your reply.

    • Leeanna Wiltshire says:

      Hi George, we’re thrilled you’ve come across the Making Choices, Finding Solutions guide and found appropriate items to assist you around the home. In creating the guide we were not able to include the full range of options, and included products with consideration of their price, availability and usability. If you would like to see a greater range of similar items jump on our online national equipment database ‘www.askned.com.au’ where you can search for equipment by key word or product type. If you would like to talk through your options with an Occupational therapist feel free to call our enquiry line on 1300 885 886 for further information. We will send you an email shortly to see how we can be of assistance.

      Thank you

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