ILC’s HACC Allied Health Service opens up to Perth metro area

Mature gentleman exercising in his loungeroom with guidance from an ILC physiotherapistILC’s new Allied Health Service, funded by the WA Home and Community Care (HACC) Program, is now available across the whole of the Perth metropolitan area.

Our allied health professionals can provide short term occupational therapy and physiotherapy services in people’s homes.

The focus of the therapy is on regaining or maintaining an individual’s physical, functional and cognitive abilities, which supports their safety and maximises their independence and quality of life.

Service already making a difference to people’s lives

Dora recently engaged our HACC Allied Health Services for her 93-year-old mother Halina, with great success. Dora kindly took the time to write about the difference allied health services have made to her mother’s life.

“I have been the full time carer for my 93-year-old mother for the past two and a half years. Most of this time, apart from going out for drives and shopping using a wheelchair, my mum would be in bed.

Lauren (physiotherapist) asked what our goal would be just before we started. We hesitantly said, to be able to walk from the car to go inside a Café without using the wheelchair.

We assumed this would be achieved in many weeks. FOUR DAYS LATER after doing the exercises Lauren planned for mum, there we were, walking arm in arm into the Café.

She isn’t sleeping for so many hours and is happily eating meals with us at the table most nights. She uses either the walker or is holding onto our arm or manages by herself with us staying by her side. She has become her old self with regard to enthusiasm about doing anything!

She now does exercise sessions most days which include ball tossing, ball kicking and badminton. We had no idea how brilliant her hand eye coordination is. What was great was that Lauren could modify exercises to suit mum and to suit her personality. She doesn’t suffer from Dementia or Alzheimer’s thankfully, so she can fully appreciate every little milestone.

The most wonderful thing that has happened though, to top off all the other achievements, is, from having falls nearly every single day, to not having one single episode from the day we started therapy. Her legs are stronger as are her arms so she is much more confident getting herself up out of bed and pottering around in her room or the rest of the house.

Genna (occupational therapist) and Lauren are two delightful young women who obviously are passionate about their work. Their input in how to improve the quality of mum’s life has been invaluable. The work Lauren has done has changed all our lives – taking it from once being a stressful, worrying time, to being a joyous, laughter filled time with our darling mum.

This therapy plan being provided is very very important and very necessary for our elderly parents. My sister and I watched the very first session in disbelief (and in tears) while mum walked, with Lauren by her side, taking the stroller into the family room,  with her head held high.”


Click here for more information about the ILC HACC Allied Health Service or contact Service Coordinator, Kelly McAuliffe, on 9381 0677.

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