$50,000 grant assists pensioners

Mature gentleman seated on his scooter beside a friendThe Independent Living Centre was fortunate to receive a $50,000 grant from the Theodore and Isabella Wearne Charitable Trust recently. The grant will assist older West Australian pensioners living with a disability, who are not eligible for other government funding, to acquire assistive technology through the ILC’s equipment grants programs.

Previous funding provided by the Trust has enabled people to benefit from items including wheelchairs, mobility scooters, recliner lift chairs, pressure care mattresses, shower commodes and minor home modifications.

A client who has recently received a grant for an electrical adjustable bed from the Wearne Trust wrote about the difference this bed will make to her life.

“I have recently received a grant from the Wearne Trust through the Independent Living Centre. The grant is for an electrical adjustable bed which will make my situation much more comfortable as well as providing health factors which could prove to be extra problems at any time.

I manage my life from my bed as I have a severe rheumatoid condition which effects my joints, ligaments and muscles. This new bed will allow me to sit up at a more comfortable angle to avoid pressure on my hip joints and also to free up my chest to avoid chest complications.  The height is very adjustable which will match my shower trolley for showering instead of bed washes. This means better circulation, hydrotherapy and the benefits of moving. The bed will tilt backwards to give me the much needed raising of my legs which are in trouble without better circulation.

Sitting up will allow more air circulation around my skin and this bed has a mesh underbase for air circulation to the mattress, making being constantly in a bed in summer cooler and more bearable.

Lying down constantly to accommodate my hip joints is depressing and to be able to sit up properly will not only have physical health benefits but will enable me to move better and feel more capable in my limited world, not to mention being able to see something of my surroundings.

I am grateful beyond words for this grant from the Wearne Trust and for the kindness and help I’ve received from the Independent Living Centre. This help turns an existence back into self help living to some degree, enabling a limiting lifestyle to become a more independent, creative one.”

The Independent Living Centre would like to thank the Theodore and Isabella Wearne Charitable Trust for helping to fulfil its vision of a community where all people can participate and are included.

Read more about the grants programs managed by the ILC here.

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