ILC Elves create the ‘Ideal Christmas present’ list for 2017

With a hohoho and a jingle of bells, it’s that time of year again – a time to find the perfect Christmas present for those you care about.  Determining who is on the “naughty” and “nice” list can be quite challenging. On top on that you need to find the time to hunt for the perfect present and to consider each person’s interests and individual needs.

Our elf experts at the Independent Living Centre WA have tinkered away to create the ideal Christmas top 10 present shortlist to make sure that you find the perfect Christmas present to show that you really care and to make Christmas 2016 a truly memorable one…

  1. Audio visual calendar beisde a cup and saucerHave you been invited to so many fabulous Christmas parties and events that remembering all those important dates can sometimes be a challenge? For the social butterfly never fear the MemRabel 2 – Audio Visual Calendar is here. This digital clock can be programmed with up to 20 alarms daily with accompanying audio-visual and video cues.
  1. Want to stay in contact with friends and family this Christmas but find the latest mobiles confusing and complicated? The KISA Phone could be perfect for you or a loved one. This simplified mobile phone features large buttons which can be customised to include photos as well as who and how many contacts you wish to put on the phone.
  1. Set or four easy grip garden toolsAs the weather heats up, many of us prefer to be out in the garden enjoying the vibrant flowers and dynamic wildlife. The Peta Easi-Grip Garden Hand Tools are a great gift for the keen gardener. These tools are lightweight with a handle designed to enable a stronger fist type of grip while keeping the wrist in a stable position making gardening a breeze.
  1. The Vigo Large Print Wrist Watch is the ideal gift this Christmas for the fashionista of the family. These large print watches with an analogue face are available in silver and gold and come with either an expandable or leather band. With the bold black digits and hands on a white background you can read the time with ease.
  1. Bright and colourful switch stick, walking stickWho says a walking stick needs to be plain? With a Switch Stick show your fun colourful personality and style. This lightweight aluminium walking stick is easily height adjustable and folds neatly into a 25cm section for handy storage when you’re not out and about.
  1. Christmas is about coming together with friends and family so that means many cups of tea and coffee to be made. Let the Uccello Kettle make this task a breeze. This lightweight easy pour kettle arcs on rotating axis to deliver hot water safely and steadily to the fixed position of the cup.
  1. Three blue support lumbar rollsWe all like to relax during the Christmas break so why not relax in comfort? The Supporta Lumbar Rolls are a range of firm lumbar foam rolls with a removable, washable cotton cover and elastic strap which makes attaching the roll to your favourite chair as easy as 1,2,3.
  1. Want the Christmas gift that keeps giving?A Noah’s Ark Toy Library Membership is the perfect present for a child with special needs. The library offers a wide range of toys, games and play equipment to help children with their fine and gross motor skills, language, cognitive and social development. Keep your child smiling all year round not just Christmas day.
  1. Strong Boy Jar and bottle openerForget the Little Drummer Boy this Christmas, instead try a Strong Boy jar and bottle opener. This opener can be adjusted to fit lids 25mm to 90mm in diameter. It has a long lever style handle to make opening a jar easier for those who may find it difficult.
  1. A remote controlled power board is a gift which could make turning those Christmas lights on and off easier this year. A remote controlled power board allows someone to turn their appliances on and off with a remote instead of struggling to reach the power socket.

Still stuck for ideas…check out our recent blog ‘A Wearable Christmas’ which includes some great new smart technology including smart jewellery, watches and fit bits, written by one of our Occupational Therapy students who looked into this area as part of her placement with the ILC.

Or you may like to search NED, the Australian National Equipment Database? NED contains information on a range of other products that could truly make a difference on Christmas day!

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  1. Sue frestel says:

    Please can you tell me the price of a digital date and calendar clock.
    Many thanks
    Sue Frestel

    • Gail Stacey says:

      Hi Sue, thank you very much for your enquiry however there is a diverse range available so would be more helpful if you gave us a call so we could find the one that best suites your needs. Please call our free enquiry line on 9381 0600 or 1300 885 886. Thanks Sue.

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