A Wearable Christmas

Stuck on Christmas ideas? Stop buying boring body shower packs or socks and jocks for people…wearables is the answer! With the amount of wearables on the current market, it can be confusing on which to buy. Here at the Independent Living Centre WA, we have compiled the guide to wearables to suit everyone from the fashion conscious to the pro-active senior.

For the fashionista

Thinking about purchasing a wearable but don’t like the bulky and dull look that comes with it? Fear not, now you don’t have to compromise looks for function with the range of discreet smart jewellery which can do both!

Head and shoulders of a woman wearing the Bellabeat leaf jewellery which is a silver leaf that can hang around you neck like a necklace or wear as a braceletBellabeat leaf jewellery can be clipped onto clothing, used as a bracelet or as a necklace. Vogue and Elle Magazine have even written articles about this fashionable wearable. The Bellabeat leaf is a wearable that monitors the number of calories burned, steps taken, tracks reproductive health and alerts you to oncoming stress while guided breathing and meditation exercises help you relax. It is water resistant and can be used in the shower, whilst you are doing the dishes, and is sweat and rain proof for outdoor activities.

Bracelets and necklace with clear crystal in the centre and sparkly bracletWant something a bit more sparkly? Swarovski now have their own line of wearables. The activity crystal measures your activities and sleep, syncs with your smartphone and can be used as a picture and music remote. The activity crystal can be swapped into different bracelet carriers or can be worn as a necklace so you match it to your ball outfit or dress it down to Sunday brunch wear.

Image of two mobile phones and four coloured crystal type rings with gold bandWant something even more discreet? There are now activity tracker rings that have similar functions to activity trackers for half the size. Ringly has activity tracker rings as well as bracelets that alert you to smartphone notifications like calls, texts, and emails, in addition to its activity tracking functions. The range of Ringly smart jewellery is stocked by Foenix in Australia.

 For the corporate professional

Ted Heuer smartwatch looks like a standard watchAre you dressed in corporate wear daily and don’t want your wearable to clash with it? If money is not an issue, Tag Heuer has released its own smartwatch which genuinely looks like their standard line of watches. It is also available in rose gold. Along with its activity tracking functions, this smartwatch can receive smartphone notifications including calendar alerts, control music playing on your phone, navigate using Google maps, and swap between 3 different watch faces to match your suit for the day! *can currently only be purchased in Sydney and Melbourne Tag Heuer stores

Samsung Gear S3 smart watchDon’t feel like spending 4 digits but still want a wearable that can keep up with your corporate lifestyle? The Samsung gear s3 has similar functions to the Tag Heuer for a fraction of the price and can measure water/caffeine intake.

For the pro-active senior

Blue Fitbit AltaWant to keep up with technology but don’t need all the bells and whistles of complicated wearables? The Fitbit Alta has a relatively large display screen without breaking the bank and is packed with essential activity tracker features. It also notifies you of calls, texts and calendar alerts via vibration on the wrist, handy if someone has started to become hard of hearing.

Photo of Misfit Flas which is black, round, small with a clip on itThe Misfit flash is an inexpensive fitness tracker that can be used as a clip on your pocket, shoes, sleeves or as a keychain if wearing something on your wrist isn’t your thing. You also don’t have to worry about charging it as it runs off a replaceable battery that lasts for 6 months.

For the fitness enthusiast

Photo of a Tom Tom Spark which looks like a digital watchNeed a wearable that can keep up with your active lifestyle? Unlike other basic wearables, the TomTom spark has multisport modes where it can track when you are running, cycling, swimming, at the gym, or on a treadmill. It can play over 500 songs just from your watch with a pair of wireless headphones, so you can leave your mobile at home whilst on your run! The spark also has a route exploration feature so you can upload new routes or search existing routes and follow them from the watch. Handy for those who like to explore or go running whilst on holiday. Move aside personal trainers…the TomTom Spark is here; it can provide you with audio feedback on your performance to motivate you. For those who interval train, forget fiddly stopwatches, the watch has custom work-rest sessions to tell you when to sprint or jog.

Hexoskin biometric shirts with sensorsDon’t like having anything on your wrist or hands while you work out? Smart clothing could be the answer! Hexoskin makes biometric shirts with sensors woven into a shirt that measures heart rate, heart rate variability, breathing rate, breathing volume, and intensity of your workouts. It also provides UV protection and has odor control features.

Wearables are an up and coming area of Assistive Technology and the research has shown that in the years to come, we’ll be seeing a lot more in terms of monitoring health and adopting a preventive model of care…So watch this space for future developments.

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