New Horizons for ILC – Introducing our Allied Health Service for WA HACC clients

iLC health professional sitting beside a older lady in her lounge roomThe Independent Living Centre WA is in the process of setting up an Allied Health Service that will support WA HACC clients to live as independently as possible, following success in this year’s WA HACC growth funding round.

The service which will be staffed by occupational therapists, physiotherapists and non-allied health professionals will be operational over the coming months, initially in the north metropolitan region of Perth.

The service model will be underpinned by Wellness and will support clients seeking allied health services through the WA HACC Program to be as independent, healthy, able and active as possible.

Our service will work with individuals on their chosen goals and any areas of concern.  This could include working with the person referred, their carer, Regional Assessment Services and Home Support organisations looking at ways we can optimise a person’s independence and wellbeing through strategies such as:

  • Advice and support to make changes to the environment that improve safety, participation and help prevent falls;
  • Exercises and tools to improve balance, strength, coordination and activity levels;
  • Advice and support to incorporate new health and wellbeing daily routines into old routines to reduce pain and fatigue;
  • Education and awareness raising around managing chronic diseases;
  • Building confidence and capacity in personal care activities, transfers (i.e. toilet, chair, bed and car) and community mobility and access;
  • Introducing ways to manage memory loss and improve sequencing and planning of daily activities for people experiencing cognitive changes;
  • Providing strategies to reduce anxiety and build confidence and motivation in people experiencing changes in their mental wellbeing;
  • Discussing and trialling equipment to enable people to remain safe and independent including low vision adaptation and medication management strategies;
  • Working with family and caregivers providing advice and strategies, such as modifying environmental stressors,  to support caregivers to better manage the care giving situation; and
  • Introducing lifestyle and health promoting activities.

For more information about the WA HACC funded ILC Allied Health Service please contact either the Service Manager Hilary O’Connell on 9382 0277 or Service Coordinator Kelly McAuliffe on 9382 0278.

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  1. Robin Ellis says:

    I have severe ME/CFS and I am doing heart rate pacing based on the International Consensus Criteria – 2011 Primer for Medical Practitioners treating people with ME.

    I had a CPET test that confirmed severe disability, in my case becase I was so severely ill I did not need to do the second CPET test to confirm the reduction in physical capacity that less ill people with ME/CFS need to do.
    I feel very alone as I have no allied medical support can you provide assistance.

    • Gail Stacey says:

      HI Robin, I think it would be best if you gave us a ring on 09 9381 0600 so that we can discuss how we could assist you. Thanks Robin.

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