Out with the Old, In with the New

Glide 2 Manual WheelchairILC HIRE is having a SALE to replace some of our stock.

So as with everything we have at home or work, we have items that are still in good condition but are no longer being used. We don’t want to throw them away and want to find a good home for them.

ILC Hire has just completed a stock take, we have discovered some hidden gems that may be of use to you or someone you know. Many pieces of equipment are still available and in good working order, they just may have been ‘updated’ in their appearance to the models you see out on our display floor.

Image of a Mulholland Walkabout ToddlerMobility: these are very pricey items to buy and have amazing value to develop and support a person with standing or walking. We have the CLASSIC Mullholand Rockets Standers ($250), Walkabouts ($250) in a range of sizes and accessories waiting to be bought at a well below second hand price (virtually giving them away). We also have a Leckey Gait trainer S1 selling at a mere $100, complete bargain. A classic Sir David Brand walker ($100) also looking for a home. The ever popular Meywalks 2000 ($200) a large and medium, are almost rolling out the door.

At the back of our hire area is a demo model R82 Gazelle ($200) (prone stander) with tray and if you’re in need of a break the Jenx Corner Sitter (S3) is waiting to rest your caboose.

Are you looking for some pressure relief chairs for a family member who lives in residential care? We have a Regency Chair ($500) and Princess Air bed ($800), both a little worn but still have working pressure relieving properties.

Folding Shower CommodeDo you travel and want to take a folding shower commode or have limited storage in your home or work? We have placed our Glide Folding Shower commodes ($150) on the list to find a new home. Glide no longer manufactures these items but they do come with all the parts and take up very little space.

A couple of Comfort Overlays ($100) make a bed a little more comfortable. They have never been hired but we need to make space for new items in the hire area.

While we can sell some of our equipment at Fire Sale prices, there are a few gems that are no longer available commercially, they are still in working order but you may not be able to source replacement parts with a supplier. We felt these items could be gifted to our wonderful consumers who use the service, please only ask if you have a need for the item or are giving it to someone who does need this.

  • Ansa HiBac height adjustable chair, the vinyl is torn on the armrests and we can’t match the material colour with the supplier anymore.
  • EasyStand 5000 Youth (discontinued model, needs a little TLC) Hip guide needs to be reattached but we have the part.
  • Wooltec Supersoft Overlay, never been used, but looks cosy on its shelf.

Does anything on this list sound like something you may need or want to re home?

Please contact the ILC Hire department 9381 0606 or 1300 885 886 or email ilchire@ilc.com.au and speak with Melody to check if it’s still available.

We are unable to accept any payment plans on items being bought and it’s up to the buyer to organise its collection from ILC Hire Monday to Friday, 8.30am -5pm.

DISCLAIMER: Normally you can not buy anything from the Independent Living Centre WA, however in this case we have the above listed items for sale! Any money made from the sale goes directly into purchasing NEW equipment for the HIRE Department.

Happy Shopping!

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  1. Mary-Anne Bath says:

    Great that ILC is offering hire equipment for sale.
    Is the Wooltec Supersoft Overlay, for a single bed. I have been wanting one for my bed.


    • Gail Stacey says:

      Hi Mary-Anne, thank you for your enquiry regarding the Wooltec Supersoft Overlay; one of our staff will email you directly to answer your question.
      Thank you

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