Ho Ho Ho….Christmas Gifts for all Ages and Abilities

Handi-reacher placed with Christmas decorationsT’ was the night before Christmas, when all through house (ILC Cockburn), not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. There was a clatter and a crash, to our surprise, Father Christmas arrived, with a band of Elves, all knowing and wise. Tired, drained and exhausted he took off his jacket, settling down to the Wade Dignity Two Handled Teapot and biscuits …oh my gosh …a whole packet!!!

Chef'n Salt and pepper dual grinderThe Elves were loud and excitable as they took the Rockstar Audible Rugby Ball outside for a game or two. Later subdued and relaxed they returned with sore muscles, all black and blue. They rolled those poor muscles with the Spikey Massage Ball to relax and relieve them. Christmas dinner was served, oh my what a feast, but for some the taste was not quite so, the Chef’n Salt and Pepper Dual Grinder  was passed around, then the seasoning did flow.

The winning hand card holderAfter dinner…tummy full… some Elves relaxed with the iPads reading downloaded novels and listening to Audio Books. For others it was time to play cards. The Winning Hand Card Holder kept cards safe in their small hands, away from the prying eyes of the cheeky, less honest, card playing Elves. Some played for money, some for fun. A mischievous pair used the Handi Reacher to pinch Santa’s cinnamon bun. Before the day was over photographs were taken to capture those memorable moments. They are all safely stored in the Liberator Talking Photo Album, preserving the memories and voice messages for years to come.

A beep beep beep sound was heard, it was the Talking Key Ring Clock, telling all that it was time to flock. Father Christmas, over-stuffed and merry, trousers too tight, put back on his jacket. Fingers a fumbling, he managed to dress with the Supergrip Button Hook, before rounding up all those audacious Elves. He spoke not a word and sprang straight to his sleigh and with a wave of the hand, they were on their way.

If you need inspiration for buying Christmas gifts visit ILC Cockburn to see these products and others in the Christmas gift display.

Team at ILC Cockburn seated beside Santa Clause

Happy Christmas Everyone!!
N.B All items mentioned in the above story are listed on the National Equipment Database.

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