Peta Crane sitting on her LUGGIE , portable mobility scooter in her driveway with a small dog standing in front of herI am a participant in the NDIS due to limited mobility. I had seen a LUGGIE (portable mobility scooter) and asked my care planner and ILC Occupational Therapist if we could include it in my plan. My daughter lives in Melbourne and whilst I’ve been to Melbourne many times with Scouting – I’d not been into the streets of Melbourne.

ILC Occupational Therapist Celeste Fell and Patsy from the NDIS were hoping we could get the LUGGIE in time for my long weekend away with my children. They worked hard and LUGGIE appeared in my life – I was so grateful.

I have travelled extensively throughout the world and the last two overseas holidays I’ve chosen to use a wheelchair – people think they like to ‘help’ by pushing a wheelchair which in my case takes away independence, opportunities and ability.

My trip to Melbourne with LUGGIE offered me so many ‘first time opportunities’:

  • Pull my own suitcase;
  • Take a ride on a tram;
  • Spend a day at Melbourne Zoo and go off the beaten track ….and the souvenir shop…;
  • Take my own pictures of what I liked;
  • Shop in shops I enjoyed;
  • Go into Federation Square instead of simply driving around it;
  • Go into the Shrine of Remembrance and spend my own moments of reflection;
  • Walk along the beach forefront with Aaron and Gemma;
  • Shop alone in the Sky Deck souvenir shop – yes I bought a pen yay!
  • Go into the streets of Melbourne;
  • Watch the awesome street kids do their graffiti art on the graffiti walls;
  • Wander along Southbank and have a stress test at a little stall – no stress lady I was told; and
  • Have Aaron and Gemma say ‘come on Mum’ as I chose to go off the beaten track yay…;

Aaron and Gemma both made comment on the freedom LUGGIE gives me and how they wished we’d discovered it earlier in our lives.

I’m planning my next overseas adventure to South Africa on a safari plus I’m going to Uluru – LUGGIE will be with me as together we’ll experience many treasured moments of our choice, freedom, independence and heaps of our own touristy pics.

With LUGGIE the doors have opened to explore my own city and beyond – many moments we’ll share however LUGGIE has given me a new found level of freedom and independence – thanks to NDIS and ILC’s Occupational Therapist Celeste.

Story by: Peta Crane

Following a free information and advisory appointment with the ILC, a home visit and a subsequent assessment and trial appointment at the ILC; other assistive equipment options Peta applied for include a handy bar, an office chair, a backrest for use in the car and when sitting on the couch, a shower chair and rails for her home. Assessment and prescription of a wheelchair to allow Peta to independently access her workplace is still in process but is hoped to be completed and successfully approved in the coming months.

If you are a NDIS or My Way participant and would like to find out how the ILC may be able to assist you to achieve your goals, please follow this link.

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