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“What a week at Camp Hero. So busy everyday we did a lot of things and I made new friends. I’ll definitely be back next year. It helped me with my confidence and to speak up”

“My daughter got so much out of the five days, and came back to us full of information, and more importantly a different outlook on life living with a mum who has a mental illness. For that I am very thankful. Your team took such good care of her, I can’t thank you enough for that. Amazing, all the activities, wholesome great food, games night, the site itself with the beautiful river was fantastic.”

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Many of these young carers have attended various camps in the past… But none quite like Camp Hero! Facilitated by mental health education and suicide prevention charity zero2hero  it was a unique combination of education, meaningful respite and fun that I’m sure won’t be forgotten by any of the campers any time soon.

Camp Hero took place in the January school holidays with 27 young carers who left the city and their caring roles behind for a beautiful week long bush retreat. Sessions included self awareness, self care, resilience and well being; with a great deal of water activities to get out of the 35 degree heat. The swimming hole was a well visited friend this week!

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The focus of camp was empowering young people to care for themselves and to seek support when it is needed. Young carers were asked prior to camp how often they would speak to someone about their experiences. Only 4% stated they would speak to someone daily about how they were feeling. Post camp however, this increased to 27% who said they would be more likely to speak to someone on a daily basis.

Young carers were also asked how comfortable they felt discussing issues such as Anxiety, Depression, Suicide, Eating Disorders, self harm and their role as a carer. Across the board there was an increase with more young carers feeling comfortable having conversations about these important topics after the education they received at Camp Hero.

Each Young Carer left Camp Hero with 26 new friends and a social network to provide them with support. The Independent Living Centre of WA and zero2hero partnership provided a new outlook for campers about their role as young carers and that “it is ok not to be ok” and to ask for help.

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