“Ring , Ring why don’t you give us a call? “

Young man using a mobile phoneIn the great words of Abba we’re asking the question “why don’t you give me a call?” For many people this is still the major way in which we connect with our friends, family and society. Smoke signals and Morse code systems only have a place in wilderness survival. Still many people struggle to find a good match when it comes to finding a phone that they feel comfortable using.

Back in the days before mobile phones circa 1980 people mainly used land line phones, the portable house phone was starting to make an impact but still if you had a power blackout you could rely on getting a call through your telephone line. Don’t even confuse the issue with the inclusion of NBN, VOIP, SMS , 4G, ISP, GPS they’ve created and acronym for everything.

ILC staff member standing in front of a range of phone in the telecommunications area of the showroomThe ILC has a telecommunications area at our Nedlands showroom. We help users decide what features they are looking for in a phone; a loud ringer, a clearer number display or larger buttons, better hearing options or picture based quick dial stored numbers. We also work with any special add-ons people may need on home or mobile phones such as audio loops or flashing alerts and vibrating pagers to let people know the phone is ringing.

We have close links with the National Relay service should people with a hearing or vision impairment need more support than a standard phone has to offer.

The way people use phones has also changed, people use phones to make face to face calls such as Skype or FaceTime. The phone is also more commonly being used to send emergency call alert messages to family if they are in trouble or to help track down a family member on walkabout.

The ILC have several options on display for people needing just a basic mobile phone, no bells and whistles and that has simple features for technophobes that don’t need a fancy phone and just want to make a call. Let our Occupational Therapists here guide you in finding the right match. While ILC doesn’t sell any of these items we can help you find a supplier you can purchase these from and assist with any funding options for specialist phone needs.

ILC Health Professional seated at the ILC Hire deskOne of the most difficult parts of choosing a phone in a busy store is you aren’t given time to think and try the phone; for some people being able to try the phone and even hire the phone means they can really see if it works for them. ILC Hire has a small range of land line, emergency call, mobile phones along with the extras that allow you to try before you buy.

Give us a call on 9381 0600 or our toll free number 1300 885 886 to make an appointment or follow the ‘Drop By’ link to come and try equipment without an appointment…


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