Useful gift ideas yule (you’ll) love!

Are you out of ideas for what to buy someone you know this Christmas? Is their pajama and sock drawer well stocked from past Christmases? Here are some practical gift ideas from our team for your loved one who may have difficulty with some everyday tasks through to a young one with special needs:

For the gardener

Garden cartSave your loved one’s time and their back by getting a garden cart to haul all of their gardening tools and heavy loads around. Click here to view more equipment to make gardening easier at the ILC Australia website.

For the traveller

Woman using a handybar to help her get out of the carHave more enjoyable car rides by using a Handybar to help with getting out of the car. Simply slot the bar in the U-shaped plate on the door frame of your car, you can even take the bar around with you and use it in different vehicles. Here are some other options to help with getting in and out of the car.

lady using a seat belt easy reachIf seat belts are hard to reach, an accessory can be attached to reduce arm and shoulder strain when pulling the belt across; you can read more about it and find a supplier near you here. 

For the talker

Image of a Onefone Mobile Phone showing large buttons with large text of names of contactsDo you know someone who only needs to make calls to a few numbers? Simplified mobile phones can feature bigger buttons or less buttons to make it easier to keep in touch on the go.  See the range here. The OwnFone Mobile Phone (pictured) can be customised to suit the user so you can choose who and how many contacts to put on the phone.

For the chef

Image of someone using a finger guardThis finger guard could be a stocking filler! Help protect hands and fingers while preparing your favourite meals this Christmas. Find the supplier here.

Picture of an instant kettle with cupWhat about an instant kettle that doesn’t require pouring? The Hannover is an appliance that dispenses a preselected amount of boiling water at the touch of a button. Unlike hot water urns, this kettle will only heat up the specified amount of water you choose.

For the little one

Thomas the Tank EngineWhat about toys for the whole year and not just at Christmas? Thomas the Tank Engine (pictured) can go forward and in circles using the adapted remote control. Plenty of other fun toys for children with special needs are available to loan from Noah’s Ark Toy Library. Click here to view toys and get information about joining their membership.

For the Tech user

Example of a large key keyboardLarge key keyboards feature bigger keys so the letters will be easier to see when typing Christmas emails or looking up presents to buy online. Browse a range of keyboards here.
For further information on these or any other assistive equipment, feel free to leave a comment below, email us at or call us on 9381 0600.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and New Year from all of the staff at the ILC!

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  1. I really like your garden cart gift idea. I end up hauling a lot of heavy stuff all by myself for my garden and it doesn’t ever feel good the next day. My brother does a lot of gardening too so I bet he’d appreciate getting one of these. Maybe I’ll get myself one too!

  2. Gail Stacey says:

    Hi Jack, I am glad you found the garden cart a good idea, if you would like to see other products that may help you or your brother in the garden check out our National Equipment Database where you can find more products like this.
    If you need any further information and advice about assistive equipment that may help with other tasks please do give us a call on 1300 885 886.

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