Would the Thermomix, Therm-O-Tron help you in the kitchen?


Young girl with disability, her mum and ILC staff member trialing a thermomixIf you’ve been living in a cave on a deserted island in the middle of the Pacific you may not have heard about the super kitchen device otherwise known as the Thermomix.

Therm-O-Tron, Bimby, Thermy or whatever the cult following of owners (similar to Tuppercultists) call their machine are all intrigued about the newest Thermomix TM5 model   that has hit the Australian market.

So why is an Occupational Therapist (OT) at the Independent Living Centre WA (ILC) choosing to blog about the Thermomix? In full disclosure I should admit I actually own a Thermomix and have so for the past seven years. Professionally, when showing the Thermomix to people it is usually requested because they have difficulty with chopping, safety issues in using an oven or stove, meal planning problems, or are just looking to improve independence in the kitchen.

In that time, like with any product the OT’s at the ILC come across we like to compare products and find as many items that will help people get the most out of doing their daily activities, such as cooking in the kitchen.  So since the Thermomix came out there have been numerous “copycats” that have entered the market. We have had a look and trialled some of these products, each have their own merits.  I always suggest to people to compare products and if ‘Item B’ does most of the same as ‘Item A’ but is at a more affordable price they should definitely consider buying it.

So while some people can’t afford the price tags some of these Super Kitchens have, there is still a great range of gadgets that will help people out in the kitchen, such as the ever popular Jar Key (vacuum seal popper), Can Ring Pull (helps fiddly ring pulls on a can) , One touch can opener and Piston Style Knives (sawing style knife) or even a food Preparation Board with built-in spikes (clamps your veggies in while you chop).

We invite, no we challenge you to come and make an appointment to try some of the great range of assistive kitchen gadgets to make the most out of your cooking meal time. We have teenagers, adults, older chefs all come and visit the ILC display kitchen to help them find the right kitchen tool. Many future Masterchefs start with a visit to the ILC to look at modified kitchen tools to help people who experience issues with upper limb weakness or one handed use,  through to someone who has  impaired vision and may be limited by the more commercial items found at the local shops. We do have a Thermomix here too, but it’s about making choices and finding solutions about which kitchen gadget is going to help you get the job done.

While we don’t sell any products we do offer short term hire of any of these items including the thermomix so you can trial them in your home.  If you’re certain of what you want we can also tell you where to buy your kitchen gadgets and a lot of other useful household aids.  So with Christmas, Diwali and Hanukkah just around the corner it’s a great chance to find those stocking fillers or the present for the person you just can’t find something to buy.

As I said to the 98 year old lady who I had in our ILC Display kitchen last week, now her family have a whole list of kitchen gadgets she can receive on that lovely Christmas morning. If you’re looking for some more inspiration check out the ILC Assistive Equipment in the Kitchen Webinar.

Happy Cooking!


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  1. Leanne death says:

    Hi I have an Austin son that I’m trying to teach to be as I dependant as possible that his taken a real love for cooking. Wills chooses through a recipe book what he likes to cook, we walk to shops or drive and wills with support buys the ingredients/foods and pays for it, William is then supported verbally and helped where needed if his sensorys play up to smells,textures, heat ect. William said he loves to cook and loves watching his family eat and enjoy his weekly mastercheif meal made with love and enjoyment. Recently I had a friend whom said that I could use ndis funding towards a thermomix that wills would be able to become more independent with cooking ect? Was wondering if this possible to use funding towards thermomix to help with wills independent living schools? I’m only in my second year of ndis and just wanted to ask the question as they are very exspensive and out of my budget but thought I’d ask before I look into seeing how much second hand ones are ect. Thanking u 🤗

    • Gail Stacey says:

      HI Leanne, apologies for the delay in responding to you; great to hear that your son is enjoying cooking for the family. One of our therapists will be in contact with you to discuss your query with you.

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