Planning for the future..?

Are you aILC-62 carer? Have you ever thought about the future of your caring role? Although sometimes we like to put this topic in the ‘too hard basket’, it is something that all carers need to think about. What would happen if you were no longer able to care for your loved one? Who will look after them? And how would you ensure it would be the care they deserve?

In a recent survey conducted by the ILC Carelink and Respite Centre 60 carers over the age of 50 identified the issues below as important when planning for the future;

  • Being able to care for the loved one at home for as long as possible
  • The carers health and support to remain in a caring role whilst becoming older
  • Quality community care
  • Funding and financial issues
  • Support and assistance to make long term plans
  • Transition into independent living when carer is unable to provide care any longer
  • Care for the loved one if the carer was to pass away

Here at the CRCC we hear these concerns and many, many more everyday from our carers of all ages and across all programs. In response to this the Carelink and Respite Centre will be holding a workshop for carers over the age of 50 that would like support to address these issues and much more. With guest speakers from:

  • Disabilities Services Commission
  • Medicare Local
  • Perth Home Care Services
  • Brightwater Care Group
  • WA Blue Sky
  • Northern Suburbs Community Legal Service

Follow the link for more information or to register to attend this invaluable event.

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