Research: Private vehicle access, modification and trip planning by people with disability.

UTSbannerWA consumers are being asked to contribute to national research being conducted in NSW into the experiences of people with disabilities using private modified vehicles. Please consider completing this questionnaire to ensure WA ‘s unique perspective is included in outcomes.

This is a notice about a research study being conducted by the University of Technology, Sydney & OT Solutions for the NSW Department of Family & Community Services on private vehicle access, modification, and trip planning by people with disability. While the study was instigated in NSW the researchers are taking a national approach to the study.

Your participation in this study is highly valued whether you are driver with disability, have a modified vehicle for yourself or a family member with disability for private transport purposes or would like a modified private vehicle but have been unable to obtain one.

This part of the study involves a questionnaire to gather your experiences in driving, having a vehicle modified, finding funding for the modifications, trip planning, and your service and parking station access.

The questionnaire has been developed in collaboration with the Physical Disability Council of NSW.

The information provided will be used to better position responses for future development and provision of information in this important area of citizenship.

The questionnaire will take approximately 15-25 minutes to complete depending on whether you are a driver, owner of the vehicle or somebody who wishes to own a private modified vehicle.

To begin the questionnaire please click on the following link to the survey

For further information about the research project or any other inquiries please contact the project coordinator:

Prof Simon Darcy (02) 9514-5100


All responses are anonymous and confidential. The project has been approved by the UTS Human Research Ethics Committee 2009-404P[3] and any ethical issues arising from the research can be discussed with the UTS Research Ethics Manager on Ph: 02 9514-1279.


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