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Ask Yourself…. What am I assuming?

With the beginning of a new school year upon us, it is a perfect time to consider our belief systems and challenge our society’s paradigms about disability. Ask yourself these questions. What do you think when you hear ‘intellectual disability’, ‘low functioning’, ‘severe sensory impairments’, ‘non-verbal’…? What assumptions do you make based on a person’s […]

How does assistive technology ‘assist’ people with disability?

Conor Murphy shares his story. The value of assistive technology in helping people with disability to live safely and independently, including being able to do every day things such as bathe, dress, communicate, eat and drink, move around, socialise, learn, work and play, should not be underestimated. There are currently many pathways to access assistive […]

Is your drivers licence up to date?

Are you aware that conditions required for you to drive safely are listed on the back of your licence, and on the Department of Transports computer system?   These conditions may be: To wear prescribed visual aids To take prescribed medications Medical restriction to drive in a daylight hours only To drive with specified drivers […]

ILC Video Conference Education Series

This year ILC is running a series of education sessions for WACH’s (WA Country Health Service) staff to provide them with professional development opportunities via Video Conferencing. It is something that the Independent Living Centre (ILC) participates in each year in collaboration with WA Country Health Service (WACHS), Disability Services Commission (DSC), The Centre for […]