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Do you have a friend or family member that is just so hard to shop for?

With Christmas just around the corner, we often get enquiries about what to buy for loved ones. Some people want a practical and useful gift for their grandparent, or a functional and accessible gift for their niece or nephew who has special needs. Here are some gift ideas from our team:

Gift Idea 1 – e-Reader

Technology and gadgets are often popular Christmas gifts. Have you considered an e-Reader like the Kindle? We often meet clients who require large print due to a vision difficulty and have exhausted all the large print books in their local library. Many eReaders can resize the text of any book with just the click of a button. To turn the page often only requires a click or swipe. This can be great for those that have difficulty using their hands. Often an e-Reader is lighter than a heavy novel and easy to carry and hold, plus they can hold hundreds of books! Some eReaders can also read the text aloud which is a great feature for someone with literacy difficulties. Remember, books that meet the reader’s interest will need to be loaded on the eReader. Keep this in mind and have a think about the technical support that your relative or friend might need.

Gift Idea 2 – Garden Work Seat

garden seatIf your loved one is a keen gardener then a garden work seat may be a perfect gift for them. It will allow them to sit in the garden while pruning, planting or weeding, reducing back pain and fatigue and increasing safety while gardening. They are lightweight or on wheels for easy moving around the garden.

Gift Idea 3 – iPad Accessories

Lots of our clients are using iPads, for a range of reasons – communication, education, organisation or just for fun! A durable case can be a great additional accessory to protect these expensive gadgets. It’s a very practical gift but they will thank you for it the next time they bump or drop their device. Check out this iPad accessories list for more ideas

Gift Idea 4 – Robot Vacuum Cleaner

robot vacuum cleanerIs your loved one having trouble managing the vacuuming or would they rather spend this time doing things they enjoy? Then a Robot Vacuum Cleaner may be another gift worth considering for Christmas this year. It automatically cleans the floors of the home reducing the amount of time and energy someone has to spend on cleaning.

Gift Idea 5 – iTunes or Google Play gift vouchers

Have you thought about purchasing an iTunes (for Apple devices) or Google Play (for Android devices) gift voucher? The person can then choose to buy something they love on their tablet device, like music, movies, games, books or other apps.

Gift Idea 6 – Jar Openers

jar openerIf opening jars is becoming difficult for a loved one, there are lots of gadgets that can make this much easier. Automatic jar openers or openers that offer a handle for more leverage can be a very useful gift for someone with reduced strength in their wrists and hands.

Gift Idea 7 – Mobile Phones

mobile phoneSimple mobile phones are a great gift idea for those who aren’t so tech savvy. With accessible features including bigger buttons, bigger display, hearing aid compatibility and an SOS (help) button these items are practical and make life easier.

For more information about these items, including where you could purchase them in your area, leave a comment below or contact us on 08 9381 0600 or 1300 885 886.

Happy shopping and a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us at ILC!

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  1. Saraswathy Venkataraman says:

    Kindly send me information about the e-Reader, Handphone with large buttons, iPAD Accessories. Looking at these for my father who is 89 plus. Thank you very much!


    • Emma-Kate Codyre says:

      Hi Saraswathy, I have emailed you the details on these present ideas. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.
      Regards, Emma

  2. Justina says:

    Hi Emma,

    Happy New Year to you and all at ILC. Please let me know where I can purchase the Garden Work Seat.Thanks


  3. Lesley Simmons says:

    Hi I would like some info on the mobile phones & landlines you have available please. Dads 93 & mums 85. They both have a little difficulty with phones in general so am very interested in any info you can offer. Thanking you Lesley Simmons

    • Emma-Kate Codyre says:

      Hi Lesley, Thanks for your enquiry. I have emailed you some information on these items. Please let us know if you would like to make an appointment for them to try some items.

      Thanks, Emma

  4. JOYCE COLE says:

    Please send me information regarding mobile phones with larger buttons etc.

  5. Sophie Wittwer says:

    Hi Joyce,

    Thanks for your enquiry. I have emailed you with some information on mobile phones. Thank you, Sophie.

  6. nicola shepherd says:

    Im interested in purchasing a mobile phone for my 86 year old dad. Could you please send me some information regarding these phones, price, ease of use etc…
    Many thanks

    • Gail Stacey says:

      Hello Nicola, Thank you for your enquiry; there are a range of mobile phones available with features that may suit different users. While we do not sell them at ILC if you give our enquiry line a ring we would be able to make some suggestions dependent on your fathers needs. Please call us on: 1300 885 886

  7. Orla McCarthy says:


    I would like information on where I can buy a reliable
    automatic bottle/jar opener and a reliable automatic can opener in Perth please

    Thanks Orla

    • Gail Stacey says:

      Hello Orla,

      Thank you for your enquiry.

      I wonder what equipment you have trialled already. You can get battery operated automatic bottle and jar openers in Perth (operate by a press-button). For the bottle opener, you will need to have some capacity to stabilise the bottle, whilst placing the bottle opener atop the lid and pressing the button to turn. The jar opener also runs on battery, and tends to work best once the jar is no longer ‘air tight’; ie the lid has already been opened, or someone has used a ‘jar popper’ like the Jar key Pop Opener to release the vacuum seal. Battery operated can openers also don’t tend to be as strong as the electric options. After a while, the battery operated options tend become slower and more laboured.

      Please see further details below:
      Bottle opener:
      Jar opener:
      Can opener:

      We have some of these on display at our ILC WA Cockburn Centre, so if you would like to trial first, please do give us a call on 9381 0600 and we can book an appointment for you.

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