Calling all Heroes!!


Zero2hero is a WA based non for profit organisation with a mission to help address mental health problems openly among young people. Zero2hero believe that through communication, mental health problems can be effectively dealt with and suicide can be prevented.

Through specialised events the zero2hero team help create supportive networks that encourage speaking out about mental health. ‘Camp Hero – Youth Leadership Camps’ equip school-aged children and teenagers with the skills to speak up when they are struggling and the confidence to stand up and support their friends when they may be experiencing stress, anxiety, depression, bullying, self-harm or suicidal thoughts.

The Independent Living Center was lucky enough to come across this fantastic organisation just before their ‘Camp Hero’ in the October school holidays. Staff from the Mental Health and Young Carers Programs went down to visit the campers at Gnanga Bush Camp to present about the Young Carers Program and mental health support available through the Commonwealth Respite and Carelink Center. An Awesome group of future leaders met us with smiling faces and enthusiasm and were very open with questions and asking for information to support friends and family.

The Independent Living Center felt so compelled by these young leaders and the mission of the camp that we have now partnered with Zero2hero and will be running a hero camp for 30 young carers registered with the Young Carers Program in January 2014. We hope that this will provide an invaluable experience for our young carers and promote openness between the Independent Living Center, young carers and their community to improve the health and well being of these young people and those like them.

Let us know your thoughts about this. Would you be interested in more information about this camp or know any young carers who are needing support?

Would you like more information on Zero2hero or would you like to sponsor this extremely worthy cause? Go to

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