Seniors Week – Helping Seniors with Assistive Equipment

ILC staff member with consumer trialling a scooterLast week the ILC was lucky enough to be part of the wide range of events held for Seniors Week. This week is all about celebrating the contributions made by older people to the community and promoting positive messages about ageing.

The ILC had a great time meeting so many interesting people and sharing information about equipment that can help make life easier in the home or when out in the community.

Our first event kicked off a week early with the Rockingham Seniors Expo. This was a hugely successful day with people arriving by the bus load to participate in the many free activities and chat to all of the exhibitors and service providers, including us! Lauren and Sue were kept busy with great enquiries, for example being able to help a lady with how to use her iPad.

On Monday, we presented to the Dianella Probus Club, including a minute of silence for Remembrance Day. Stephanie gave a talk on our services and demonstrated a range of assistive equipment that can help make ageing easier. She even managed to get some great feedback from a Toast Master member who said her presentation style was dynamic! It was lovely to see seniors of all ages – from newly retired members to the senior approaching their centenarian, all of whom gained valuable information about equipment that can help them.

LolaOn the Tuesday Lauren and Sue hit the ground running with a very busy day at the Armadale Positive Ageing Expo. The crowd here was so enthusiastic and many had a great time trying the line dancing up on stage! It was a fun filled day and many people found our display a wealth of information on how to help make life easier, for themselves or for a loved one. One example was a person who found out about a device called the Lola (pictured above right) that could provide greater independence for her mother. This small device can be used in the home or community as an emergency call system, so if she needed to contact her family while out she can do so at the touch of a button. The Lola also has other features such as a GPS, and Geo-Fencing, giving family members greater peace of mind when their loved ones are out and about.

The annual Burswood “Have a Go Day” was held on the Wednesday and Stephanie, Sue and Jenny had a fantastic time there meeting people who had all come with two things in mind: firstly to have a fun filled day, and secondly  find out about how services such as the ILC can help. The enthusiasm of the attendees kept the girls busy from early on in the morning, however even the heat of the day did not deter late comers. It was a pleasure being able to give information to the public on assistive equipment that can make a difference in someone’s life.

baby cylinderMany people found the handybar a very intriguing device and when told that it can act as a secure handle when getting in and out of a car even more so. There were many inspiring people that popped in to chat, with information being shared both ways. We were truly amazed at one lady who requires an oxygen cylinder at all times. She had come up with an inventive way of carting the cylinder around – dressing it up in hand made clothes and pushing it in a stroller! (pictured left)

Sock aidOver the week’s events, there were a few items that always seem to capture peoples’ attention. The sock aid (pictured right) is one of these. It is a simple piece of plastic or stiff material attached to cord that allows one to don socks without bending. This makes it great for people with hip, back or knee problems.

Keys U SeeThe large print computer keyboard (Keys U See) (pictured left) is another that always draws attention. These types of keyboards make computing much easier for people who might have impaired vision, as they come in a range of colours. There are also keyboards with larger keys or keyguards for people with difficulties with hand dexterity.

The overall feeling at the end of Senior’s Week was that all events were a huge success and it was a pleasure in having the opportunity to meet and help so many enthusiastic people.

What was your best part of Senior’s Week?

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  1. peter daniel says:

    Dear Sir or Madam,
    Could you please tell me where I can get TWO HANDLED MUGS?
    If so I would be extremely gratefull.
    Warmest Kind Regards
    Peter Daniel

    • Gail Stacey says:

      Good afternoon Peter, thank you very much for your enquiry. If you can it would would be a better option for you to contact our enquiry line on 1300 885 886 and talk to one of our Occupational Therapists who can direct you to a supplier in your area.

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