The ILC Country Services have hit the Wheatbelt!

Young child trialling a powered wheelchairThis trip started north of Perth in Dalwallinu. Here we were greeted by many people with fond memories of the caravan’s visit in previous years.

A busy family of a little one was also able to make the most of our visit by being able to drive 30km to trial a buggy for their daughter, rather than having to drive over 250km to trial it in Perth. Although her therapist couldn’t attend the visit, she will be at the ILC in Nedlands later this week with another client so she is able to view the equipment there.

After Dalwallinu we went south and visited Bindoon. Here we were again visited by a few young families who were also pleased to not have to make another trip to Perth. Check out our Facebook page for some lovely photos of Lauren trialling a seat and power wheelchair!

Today we set up at the Delmoor Centre in Moora in 40 degree heat!! Fortunately there are lots of big gums around the centre that we are using to protect us. Clients started rolling in early with a shire worker looking for an emergency call system for his Mum and a before school visit from a local child.

Last night we were lucky enough to be in town when a touring performance team were in Moora. It was great to see that The Arts are also visiting regional areas!

Tonight we say goodbye to our Lynsey as she heads back to Perth and hello to Sophie as she is initiated into the ILC Country Services! And so the trip continues…

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  1. Jessica Rigden says:

    Sounds like a fantastic trip Fiona! Great to hear more about the communities you’ve visited.

  2. Amar says:

    Sounds like you’ve had a great experience – Dalwallinu has a considerable multicultural population . Did this reflect in your visit? as we are looking for links in the area.

    • Fiona Kemp says:

      Hi Amar,
      The multicultural nature of the town wasn’t really reflected in our visit but if you want to contact me I’d be happy to chat about my contacts.

  3. Fiona Kemp says:

    We visited some really lovely towns! Lots of friendly people and service providers that were keen to ensure their clients could access our services and see what is out there to help them live more independently!!

    We were also lucky enough to have lots of yummy food in the local cafes and pubs and take lovely walks around the different towns we visited.

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