‘Mini Treasure Chests’ help children play

girl and mother with puzzleNoah’s Ark recent merger with ILC WA has even more keenly tuned our awareness of all things related to children with a disability and their participation in our community. This week is Children’s Week and there are a number of events happening in our community both in Perth and regionally.

Staff from our Assistive Equipment Service and Noahs Ark programme attended  the Family Fun Day at Whiteman Park which was well attended and everyone had a wonderful day.  You can find out more about children’s week on their website. http://www.childrensweekwa.org.au/events

This Fun Day was one of the many activities that we look forward to undertaking with Noah’s Ark as we learn and share knowledge that will increase our ability to support families with children with disabilities to access play and aid development and learning.

“Children’s Week celebrates the right of children to enjoy childhood. It is also a time for children to demonstrate their talents, skills and abilities”. Noahs Ark recently completed and made available a whole new range of Play Box resource kits. These boxes are carefully constructed kits themed around different concepts and developmental areas that include instructions and guides and ideas to assist you to support play and learning. They also contain low tech communication resources and key word signing that matches themes and play.

These boxes are’ mini treasure chests’ filled with ideas and fun and constructive support; a perfect tool to aid you to enjoy play and learn with your child.  Ring Shirley or Tania for more information on 08 9328 1598.

Gather the family together and enjoy Children’s Week!

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